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Rev. Fr. Mykhaylo Dosyak - Pastor

March 17, 2019.
2nd Sunday of the Great Fast Tone 2

Day Date Time Occasion/Intention Language Location
Sat. 3/16/19 4:00PM Vigil Liturgy: 2nd Sunday of the Great Fast. Tone 2
For Parishioners. Sorokousty.
English Woonsocket
Sun. 3/17/19 8:00AM

2nd Sunday of the Great Fast. Tone 2
For Parishioners. Sorokousty.
For health and God Blessing to Borys; Xrystia; Roman; Ihor
req. by Roma Hayda. Sorokousty.

Fall River

  Attention   Please see Fr. Mykhaylo to request a Divine Liturgy during weekdays for any request or commemoration, and for deceased family or friends. Or call the rectory at 401-762-2733.    
Fri. 3/22/10 11:00AM Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts Ukr./Eng. Woonsocket
Sat. 3/23/19 4:00PM Vigil Liturgy: 3rd Sunday of Lent, 
Veneration of the Holy Cross.   
Tone 3.  
Strict Fast at Saturday & Sunday!
For Parishioners. Lenten Mission by our Bishop Paul Chomnycky.
English Woonsocket
Sun. 3/24/19 8:00AM

3rd Sunday of Lent, Veneration of the Holy Cross. Tone 3
For Parishioners. Lenten Mission by our Bishop Paul Chomnycky.
For Parishioners. Lenten Mission by our Bishop Paul Chomnycky.

Fall River


Donations to the Church: St. Michael's (3.3-10.19) Sunday Offering: $654; Montly: $ 51; Candles: $24; Church in Need: $45 (Hayda fam. $25; Y. Mytnyk $20);  Easter Flowers: $45 (R. Masnyk $20, O. Santos $25); 
Fuel: $230 (O. Gajdalo $30, Gavdreau fam. $30, D. Wolansky $40, N. Koropey $20, R. Masnyk $20, N. Wozny $20, Prengaman $20, O. Santos $40, Y. Mytnyk $10)

Please welcome to our parish a new parishioner, Silvester Pitka. May Almighty God bless him! Mnohaya Lita.
During Lent:  Sorokousty will follow all Saturday and Sunday liturgies during the Lent, except when Bishop Paul is here.

March 23-24: Bishop Paul Chomnycky will visit us for a "Lenten Mission" before Easter. Please mark your calendar and make sure you fulfill your Christian duty: at minimum once a year, go to Holy Confession, and prepare to receive the Precious Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in Holy Eucharist, and to meet Resurrected Jesus in our Pascha. Also, we need someone to make coffee and bring some home-made sweets for a trapeza after the 4 PM Liturgy on Saturday, as well as a potluck dinner after the 11 AM Liturgy at Sunday.
March 24:  Lunch with Bishop Paul after Sunday Liturgy in our church hall.  Cost is $20 for adults (14 years old & older) and $10 for children (under 14 years old).  Menu to be announced soon.
Special thanks:  To Open MRI of New England for sponsoring this special meal.
Very soon: We will clean the boiler room and church hall stage.  We have many old folding chairs and two old pianos. 
If you would like to take some chairs, or the pianos, please do so.  Otherwise, everything will go to the garbage.
Appeal for special donations:  During the all Great Holy Lent we will have special collection Poor/Rice Bowl.  Please be generous and mark an envelope with name of the collection and  your name, or the number of your parish envelope.
Live video broadcasts of our Sunday Divine Liturgy: 11AM at .

Слава Ісусу Христу! Слава на віки! Glory be to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!
           Slava Isusu Khrystu!                     Slava na Viky!
Before and after weekend Divine Liturgies and Holy Days.
Please call the rectory at least six months in advance.
Pre-marital counseling is mandatory.
Purchase of cemetery plots is a privilege reserved for parishioners.  Please contact the rectory before any major improvements are undertaken.
Kindly notify the rectory regarding parishioners who are hospitalized, homebound, or in nursing homes.
Any use of church facilities must be cleared in advance at the rectory with the Pastor. Literature may not be placed in or around the Church without approval.
Parishioners should make plans to have their children baptized and chrismated in a timely fashion. Please call the rectory before setting a date for the ceremony.

Please pray for our parishioners who are ill or homebound, and the souls of the deceased members of the parish.

Please remember your Church and the Cemetery in your will!
St. Michael UCC in Woonsocket, RI

St. John the Baptist UCC in Fall River, MA

Сорокоусти - 2019 - SOROKOUSTY

Прізвище родини – Last name of the family



Імена померших-First names of deceased

_________________________  _________________________
_________________________  _________________________
_________________________  _________________________
_________________________  _________________________

During Lent we pray for our deceased…   $ _________ (to the priest – до священика)