St. Michael the Archangel, Ukrainian Catholic Church
394 Blackstone Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895
phone: 401.762.2733 / web:

St. John the Baptist, Ukrainian Catholic Church
339 Center Street, Fall River, MA 02724
phone: 508-673-2353

Rev. Fr. Mykhaylo Dosyak - Pastor

October 11, 2020
19th Sunday after Pentecost. tone 2nd.

Sunday of 7th Ecumenical Council.

In any kind of emergency please call to Msgr. Roman Golemba cell phone 401-632-7986


 -Please note! The Government of Rhode Island & Massachusetts announced that places of worship, the Churches, this is mean our Church of St. Michael’s UCC at Woonsocket, & St. John the Baptist UCC at Fall River  are slated to reopen by the guidance of that States and our Stamford Eparchy.

So, Welcome Back to your spiritual home, we all together will continue to pray for a resolution to this pandemic, for each other, our Ukrainian Catholic Church, our parish, the USA, Ukraine, our families and friends, and for the whole world. Let us continue to practice safe distancing, proper sanitizing, remaining patient and using common sense...  and these guidelines will help us in resuming liturgical life in our parishes.

Remember, your parish must still pay its bills, so please bring with you, your weekly envelopes and donations in it, for the time you stay home… and you will help your Pastor to resolve all financial problems of that difficult time, and God will bless you abundantly…

Day Date Time Occasion/Intention Language Location
Saturday 10/10 4:00PM Vigil Liturgy for 19 Sunday after Pentecost, tone 2.  
Sunday of 7th Ecumenical Council. 
For the Parishioners.  
Eng. Woonsocket
Sunday 10/11  8:15AM


19 Sunday after Pentecost, tone 2.  Sunday of 7th Ecumenical Council.   For parishioners.

19 Sunday after Pentecost, tone 2.
Sunday of 7th Ecumenical Council.
For Parishiooners & Ukraine.



Fall River

Attention!     Please see Fr. Mykhaylo to request a Divine Liturgy during weekdays for any request or commemoration, and for deceased family or friends. Or call the rectory at 401-762-2733   Увага!
Saturday 10/17 4:00PM Vigil Liturgy for 20 Sunday after Pentecost, tone 3.
 For Parishioners.
English Woonsocket
Sunday 10/18 8:15AM

20 Sunday after Pentecost, tone 3. For Parishioners.

20 Sunday after Pentecost, tone 3. 
  For Parishioners & Ukraine.

Fall River


Donations St. Michael's 10.4.20: Sunday Offering: $690; Candles: $33; Monthly: $20 (Oksana Gaydalo);
Fuel & heat:
$50 (Gaudreau fam. $30; Rose Masnyk $20)

Pray for our parishioners who are ill or homebound, and the souls of the deceased members of our parish.
Remember your church and cemetery in your will!


Christ is among us!  He was, is, and will be! Христос посеред нас!  Був, є, і буде!
Слава Ісусу Христу!    Слава на Віки!
Slava Isusu Xrystu!     Slava na Viky!
Glory be to Jesus Christ!   Glory be Forever!
Before and after weekend Divine Liturgies and Holy Days.
Please call the rectory at least six months in advance. Pre-marital counseling is mandatory.
Purchase of cemetery plots is a privilege reserved for parishioners.  Please contact the rectory before any major improvements are undertaken.
Sacrament of the sick:
Kindly notify the rectory regarding parishioners who are hospitalized, homebound, or in nursing homes. 
Church facilities:
Any use of church facilities must be cleared in advance at the rectory with the Pastor. Literature may not be placed in or around the Church without approval.
Baptism and Chrismation:
Parishioners should make plans to have their children baptized and chrismated in a timely fashion. Please call the rectory before setting a date for the ceremony.

           Attention to the Parishioners of St. John the Baptist U.C. Church at Fall River, MA.
                                                                                                  ( and to all people of good will)

Dear Parishioners. Glory be to Jesus Christ.

As Pastor, I would like to ask you for a special donation to the Parish Church, because the roof of the church is leaking and must be replaced. The cost of the new roof  is more than $10,000 dollars.

So, I'm asking you for a donation from your hearth, as much as you can afford.  And also any other people, our brothers and sisters of St. Michael, and our guest who check our bulletin online, can give a donation to St. John the Baptist Parish community in this time of our need. 


Thank you so much. God will Bless you abundantly for your generosity.

Fr. Mykhaylo, Pastor.